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Facebook Marketing For Estate Agents

The Problem

Facebook marketing for estate agents is widely misunderstood in the UK, and as a result, is at this point in time, INSANE VALUE FOR MONEY, especially when compared to other means of advertising like: fancy brochures, magazines, newspapers etc... Many agents who currently use Facebook don't use it effectively and fall in to the following categories below.

Are any of these familiar to you?

Category One

You currently have a company Facebook page that started off with good intentions, but has in reality, only a few posts which may even be months or years out of date.


Category 2

You currently have a company Facebook page that has regular posts at least weekly if not more often.


Category 3

You currently have a company Facebook page with regular posts, some of which are BOOSTED to increase reach.


If you look at each of the categories, you would likely come to the conclusion that 3 would be in a more superior position, however, the reality is that none of those make a significant contribution to BOOSTING your business, and the main reason for this is because year on year the number of customers you reach has dramatically reduced, so the average is now as low as 2% of your likes/followers.

If you've put a lot of work in to your Facebook page and you've steadily increased your following to one or two thousand followers, then by default, 50 or less of them will actually see your post. Now technically, you can carefully craft your post to make it seriously engaging so it gets a good response from the initial people who see it and maybe you might reach a few hundred people, HOWEVER, these are seriously low numbers and there is no indication that any of these people are even homeowners, let alone considering selling. Even if one or two of them are considering selling their home, the problem remains that the post you reach them with is not a direct advertising message in the form of "GET A VALUATION" since you didn't make that post because you know it doesn't get a high reach.

  • "Boost Your Leads & Income, Not Your Posts."

Posts that Facebook advise you to boost are generally not sales messages but instead are ones that they believe people will like to see, for example: fluffy kittens and cute puppies.


Facebook has specific algorithms that decide who they show them too, and the algorithm for Boosted posts favours post engagement such as likes or shares, and Facebook themselves admit that there is NO CORRELATION BETWEEN LIKES and BUSINESS OUTCOMES.


This in a nutshell means, that according to their in depth analysis, getting more likes does not mean getting more business. BIG OOPS!!

The Solution

Unsurprisingly, the answer is to create what all marketers recognise as the holy grail, which is a sales funnel that first makes people who are in the right demographic group aware of your brand, then it warms them up before asking them for the order.

General Awareness Campaign

The purpose of this is to keep your company name uppermost in the minds of the local population, so that when the decision to sell arrives, your name automatically springs to mind. With this in mind, we will create a number of ads featuring your company name that are shown solely to people that Facebook identifies as homeowners, to run in the background, on a low budget.


Lead Generation Campaign

This is a much narrower target audience of local homeowners who also express an interest in sites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market etc. Its focus is generally based around property values or guides and tips for selling your property. The purpose is to get customer details directly for you to speak with them about marketing their property.


Remarketing Campaign A

Most agents don’t realise that only a small percentage of their Facebook followers see their posts. The actual percentages of fans that see your posts has been in decline for years and some current estimates place this as low as 2% or even less. However, you can specifically advertise to people who interact with your page in order to keep them on the boil.


Remarketing Campaign B

This audience consists solely of recent visitors to your website. We install some specific Facebook code on your site so that Facebook can identify your recent site visitors. As a direct result, potential clients led to your site by other marketing efforts, can have your name placed back in front of them on a regular basis, for just a few pence.


In addition to the Facebook ads, we also create specific landing pages on the site to ensure that the message given by the campaign is mirrored by the site. The main thing about Facebook ads compared to other forms of advertising is the remarkably low cost, where depending on region, the cost per impression can be 1p or less.

In items other than the general awareness campaign, it is generally more eye catching if there is some kind of offer, deal or bonus, for example: something that gives the extra spur to action now rather than later. It is of course often a price reduction, though it doesn’t have to be, it could be increased service level.

Ready to take it to the next level?

Facebook is just too big to ignore. Speak to us about a Facebook Marketing Campaign for your agency. Drive targeted, motivated buyers and sellers direct to your business!

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