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Starting A Letting Agency

Get this ABSOLUTELY FREE informative guide on starting and running your own residential letting agency, includes 77 FREE currently used forms to get you up and running!

Includes the following:

  • How To Get Landlords
  • Setting Up Your Business
  • Landlords/Tenants Sequence Of Events
  • Managing The Property
  • Ending The Tenancy and more...

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  • "Looking To Start Your Own Letting Agency & Need A Website?"

Great Guide...

"The guide is great, VERY informative, and in an easy to understand way. I can honestly say that it was a pleasure to read, Not like wading through porridge, Like some of the things that we have read. Best regards" - Steve & Marie

Very Informative...

"Very informative, gives a lot of great information and more to the point I can't believe its FREE. Most people would expect to pay for stuff like this, thanks very, very, very much again. Forms are perfect for what I need too" - Kevin Hart

How To Get Landlords

The main key to success is being able to get the landlords. Being the most important thing, it's where the guide starts.

Setting Up Your Business

The information you need to get your letting agency started.

Landlords Sequence Of Events

A walk through from start to finish of all dealings with landlords.

Tenants Sequence Of Events

What you need to know about dealing with tenants in a simple and concise form.

Managing The Property

A detailed yet simple to understand section on the effective management of property.

Ending The Tenancy

A detailed yet simple & easy to understand section on ending the tenancy.

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